musee imaginaiere suisse
musee imaginaiere suisse

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Chinese Quingbai porcelain was made for ordinary people and became prised only centuries later. But look at its beautiful, exquisite forms and shapes, often plant-based - gourds, pumpkins gave shape ideas, while flower or foliage motifs were used in decoration. It showcases careful observation of nature and artistic ability to notice, select and co-create most sublime lines, which look attractive and modern even 800 years later. But this is not all: inside this beautiful box is a hidden treasure: three tiny bowls. They are of wonderful, imperfect and irregular shapes, resembling either some tropical leaves or seashells. They are indeed tiny and delicate, one wouldn"t dare touching them or taking them out of the safety of the box. The three bowls are of a different colour - brown glaze is added freely and naturally. They fit into the box snuggly, one can see that much skill, centuries of artistic tradition went into this work


"Quingbai box with cover and tiny bowls", Rietberg museum, permanent exhibition. Chinese Quingbai porcelain - white with blue-greenish tint, of 13/14 centuries


Museum Rietberg, Zürich


Liza, 43

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