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Zarmina erzählt: I am really impressed by the painting of Kirchner (the great). I have seen the real picture of nature in his paintings especially the village and rural life in Davos. I really like him because of the movement and practical enjoyment in his paintings. I am really inspired how he loves his wife and neighbours. He had great respect to all cultures. He made a very beautiful and amazing bed for his wife taking different cultures. He really loves the cultures of Africa and India. I have seen the very nice bedsheet with light colors and he was a great man. Edelgard erzählt: I was really amazed to go with Zarmina and her knowledge. It is so wonderful to see the similarity between all our cultures. I learnt that in Afghanistan they have the same bedsheets and carpets in this wonderful light orange colours. They use it during the summer made of a light wool. They use it in the rural areas in order to keep them cool.



Objet :
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Bett für Erna Kirchner, 1919


Lieu :
Kirchner Museum, Davos


à propos de nous:
Zarmina 44, Edelgard 60

Auftakt einer Kooperation vom Kirchner Museum mit der IG offenes Davos, die sich um Begegnungen von Geflüchteten und Einheimischen bemüht. / | Bett für, Kirchner Museum, Davos