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Images rather than language.

I was happy to find so many beautiful works by Fröbe-Kapteyn at the Casa Anatta on Monte Verità. This one spoke to me especially. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why - and perhaps it's even better not to try to put it into words, since Fröbe-Kapteyn was somebody who thought in images rather than language. But clearly this work is concerned with love and curiosity, two of the pillars of life, if you ask me.



Objet :

Vision by Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn, 1920, Eranos Foundation Ascona


Lieu :
Complesso museale Monte Verità, Ascona


Bénévole TaM :
Monica Pongelli


à propos de nous:
57, 30

Maite: historian and writer researching the life of Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and her mother Gertrud Kapteyn-Muysken. / | Images rather than language., Complesso museale Monte Verità, Ascona