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The best gift of all

The best gift of all, was throwing away my glasses.The gift of sight is a gift I gave myself, that cost so much but was priceless.Glasses were to be the most important object I would own and buy over the span of 17 years.They were this precious item that made my world turn from foggy to sunny in an instant.They would follow me everywhere: be the first thing I’d fetch in the mornings with my hand still fast asleep, the last item I’d let go of in the evenings.Glasses are a fabulous invention! But then, eye operations are perhaps even more so!I remember, the morning after my operation, stretching my hand on my night table as usual, trying to find my glasses. I smiled, realising through the crack of my still sticky eyes that I wasn’t going to be needing them for a very, very, very long time.



One of the most useful inventions of all, glasses.




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