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The rocking horse 1

On the very first day of winter, a little boy idly sits, peering out the window as he wonders what the other children in the village are doing. He hears the clamor coming from the kitchen downstairs. His mother calls out to him letting him know that dinner’s ready. When he gets down to the dinner table, he sits down in his chair. It starts rocking and he realizes that it’s kind of entertaining. Then, after dinner is over, he keeps rocking in it and his parents both mutter to themselves something about fixing the chair soon. The boy goes to sleep, and wakes up the next morning for breakfast, noting that his chair is fixed and no longer rocks. He sits sadly at the table and barely touches his food. His parents shake it off, but then, again at lunch and then even at dinner, he still doesn’t eat a lot. By this time his father has realized that the mood was because of the rocking chair at dinner the night before, and he hatches a plan.




Walserhaus, Bosco Gurin


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We are students from Arizona and spend a month in Ticino.


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