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The rocking horse 2

He gathers some wood, goes out the next morning very early, and makes his son a rocking horse, pouring all his love in and wishes for a happier tomorrow for his son. Some time later, his son wakes up very hungry from barely eating the day before, but was still melancholic from having his chair fixed without him knowing. That was the only thing that tided him over, and he wondered what he could do with his time now. His dad walked in already sweaty from working the crops and tending to the animals, presumably, and turned to him and said: “Son, I made you something.” He was very surprised, because his father had never made him anything before. He threw open the door and ran outside to see a freshly painted rocking horse. He smiled and immediately ran over to it, hopped on, and started rocking. Each day for the rest of winter, the boy would wake up exited and he would fall asleep easily, knowing that he could never feel bored again.




Walserhaus, Bosco Gurin


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