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The snow shoes

When I was a girl, the winters were my favorite time. The snow would pile up higher than me and the whole village looked as if it was in a snow globe. My body felt built for the cold, never tiring of playing where my parents et me, staring out the window watching it fall. They said I was a very curious child, though I don’t know of any other kind of child. They would carry me through the village, getting me used to the walk through the village, covered I sow, but my happiest memory was getting my first pair of snow shoes. My father crafted them for me to fit as my feet weren’t the same size as my parents’. They had a wood frame with rope and cloth to attach the wooden sole. With how much wider they were than my feet, it took some practice to get used to them. But when I did, I felt like I could fly. They became an extension of my feet. Now, I walk through the village on my own, staring up at the sky as the snow falls.




Snow Shoes


Walserhaus, Bosco Gurin


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Tori, Rachel, Zoe, Megan

We are students on a study-abroad trip to Ticino and made a double-tandem.


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